There is today a big demand for DNA tests- anything from paternity DNA tests to ancestry tests and a myriad of other DNA tests- and many companies now supply these services using the highest standard of DNA testing technology.  Results are provided quickly, are conclusive and can solve many family disputes and doubts. However, there are certain DNA testing moral issues which you should bear in mind prior to doing a DNA test as the issue is not quite a walk in the park.

A paternity DNA test

There are some issues involved here. If the child is unborn and you wish to do the test, then it may be possible to do a pre-natal one. In such cases, loose fetal cells are collected from the womb in order to carry out the test. As with all invasive procedures there are risks. However, from a father’s point of view, you may resolve the question of paternity before too much father-child bonding has formed. The relationship with an unborn child can only be marginally jeopardized when compared to the impact of doing a paternity DNA test when the alleged father’s child is an adult or a child. You may want to seriously consider how your state of mind will be affected and more importantly, how will you relationship with the child be affected. Paternity tests can be conducive to peace of mind and solving paternity doubts is mandatory for anyone’s peace of mind.

Relationship DNA tests

With relationship DNA tests you may have to face similar issues as with a paternity test. Will your relationship with your grandchild be any different if you discover you are not the grandparent in a grandparentage DNA test? In this case, not being the grandparent may mean that, in turn, your son (the father of your grandchild) may not be the child’s biological father after all.

Ancestry tests

Ancestry DNA testing rarely holds same importance for people as other types of relationship tests. Ancestry tests are done purely out of interest and curiosity and people do not go through any particularly strong emotions when doing these types of tests. However, the odd case does arise; you may consider yourself as belonging to one ethnic group and discover though an ancestry test that you do not belong to that group at all or have no ancestors from that ethnic group.

However you look at it, DNA testing is essential to fully understand the nature of family relationship. DNA testing is accurate and reliable. If you have doubts and feel you need a test or a relationship test, those doubts will not resolve themselves unless you actually do the test. Considering the moral issues for your DNA paternity Test is important but doing any such test is necessary step in our lives.