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Dog Breed Verification Testing

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Just a few short years ago it was a real challenge to find out what breed your dog was and most of the time the information was based purely upon the physical characteristics of the dog and the traits associated with specific breeds

Horse Parentage Testing

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homeDNAdirect offers accurate horse parentage testing. Results will clearly include the tested sire in cases where the tested, alleged sire has biologically fathered a foal. If the tested sire’s DNA did not match the progeny and is not the sire, results will show an exclusion. This powerful DNA test offers breeders an accurate and reliable tool to help them scientifically verify equine parentage.

Horse DNA Profiling

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DNA profiling, also known as DNA fingerprinting or genotyping establishes a profile of a set of specific gene markers for a given horse. homeDNAdirect offers equine DNA profiling services using a simple hair sample and results can be used for identification, parentage testing, equine registration purposes and a host of other purposes. Your horse’s unique 23 genetic loci profile is available for just XXXX. DNA test results will be ready and made available to you in only 10 working days.

DNA my Dog

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Wish your dog to live a longer, healthier and happier life? Our canine breed DNA test, targeted specifically at mixed breed dogs, can help you make the most of your dog’s overall well-being by providing an in-depth analysis of various aspects of your dog's heritage and genetic make up.

Dog Poop DNA Testing


Have a problem with un-scooped dog mess? Is dog poo preventing you or your children from enjoying a public or common space?  Our dog poop DNA test provides you with a solution for pet waste management by matching the DNA profile from an un-scooped dog poop back to the dog that left it!

Dog Inherited Disease & Trait Test

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homeDNAdirect is your Animal DNA Testing provider offering accurate and reliable canine inherited disease testing services. The health of your dog is of paramount importance and inherited disease testing can be an important move towards ensuring stronger and healthier dogs.

Dog Parentage Test

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Do you know which dog sired the litter of puppies? Could there be multiple sires involved? Thanks to our dog parentage testing service you can find out whether the sire tested is the biological father of the litter in question. Get proof of parentage with a canine parentage test. Results are 99.9% accurate.

Avian DNA Sexing

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Avian gender determination, also known as bird sexing is a means of finding out with certainty whether a bird is male or female. There is no need to speculate anymore as to the sex of your bird  or whether you are copulating the correct sexes. homeDNAdirect is your animal DNA testing provider offering accurate and reliable avian DNA testing services.

Feline Polycystic Kidney Disease

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homeDNAdirect is your specialist animal DNA testing provider offering accurate, reliable and fast, feline DNA testing services, including testing for Polycystic Kidney Disease. DNA test results are available within 10 business days, following receipt of the DNA samples.

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