Should I carry out a paternity test?

An aunt/uncle test is carried out to establish whether a niece or nephew is biologically related to their aunt or uncle. The scope is normally to indirectly establish whether the father of the nephew or niece is the actual biological father of the tested child. An aunt and uncle test is accurate but never as accurate as home paternity test. One of the main reasons why an avuncular test is not as accurate as a paternity test is that aunt and uncles don’t share anywhere as much common DNA as father and child. A home paternity test will give you a more clear-cut result than an avuncular test simple because it is much easier to establish a relationship the closer the genetic relationship is between 2 individuals.

Sample collection for avuncular testing

Collecting your samples is really simple and stress free with our home sample collection kit. The kit is sent by standard post and will reach you in around 2 working days. DNA samples are collected using sterile mouth swabs. We provide the swabs inside the kit along with required forms, instructions and self-addressed envelope.

Results for your aunt/uncle DNA test

You may choose to test additional relatives, perhaps an aunt or uncle, at an added cost. We also recommend providing the mother’s DNA sample so as to improve the accuracy result. At homeDNAdirect Australia we can provide an avuncular DNA test for $589. Your results are ready in just 7-10 working days.

The avuncular test will show the DNA profiles of the uncle or aunt and their niece or nephew.

We offer other relationship DNA tests if an avuncular test is not the test you are looking for. Alternatively, proceed with one of the below options.

Uncle-nephew testing

Establishing the biological relationship between an uncle and a nephew can be done by means of a
Y chromosome test. The Y chromosome test can be carried out only between male relatives but offers a more conclusive result than an avuncular test.