Why do a maternity test?

A maternity test is often done for immigration reasons. In cases of immigration testing, one relative seeks to join another relative who has settled in a country to which they are not natives or citizens, and need to therefore, prove that they are genetically related to the person they plan joining.  A maternity DNA test will specifically prove that there is a biological relationship between mother and daughter. Maternity testing for immigration reasons requires following certain procedures that will ensure legal validity of your results. Please read our section on immigration testing.

In rare cases, some adoptees might want to establish who their biological mother is by means of a DNA maternity test.

How do I collect my DNA for this test?

Our maternity DNA test is done using oral swabs which you will receive in our ‘at-home’ kit once you have settled you payment with us. You can view the sample collection procedure here. Your results will be ready in only 5-7 business days.

How do we confirm she is the biological mother?

A child inherited 50% of their DNA from their mother. This simple fact of genetic heredity makes it easy to establish whether the tested mother is the biological mother. We simply compare certain genetic markers on the DNA of the mother and child to establish if the child and mother share these markers. If we confirm the markers are all common between the tested parties, we can conclude the tested mother is the biological mother of the child.

Other samples we can test

Our vast range of forensic samples means that you do not necessarily have to use our kit! You can in fact opt to avail of the many discrete samples we can test which include hair samples, toothbrushes, semen stains, cigarette ends, undergarments and many more samples. Visit our page to view all the samples we can test.

Our maternity DNA test is offered beginning from $269. The cost varies depending on how many people are being tested and in what countries test participants are living.