More immigration DNA testing info

An immigration test is especially recommended if you do not have access to official birth, death, marriage certificates and related documents or any such documents are of questionable authenticity. An immigration DNA test can in such cases be used as proof of relationship to ease immigration procedures. The test is important for the grant of an Australian visa or Australian citizenship

In the majority of cases, the immigration test is a paternity test or maternity test.  Other relationship DNA tests can also be carried out between relatives.  Sampling will be carried out by a registered doctor or nurse and collected by means of mouth swabs. All will be explained to you by our customer care department when you contact us to discuss your case.

It is a requirement of the immigration authorities that the DNA testing laboratory is NATA accredited (National Association of Testing Authorities, Australia).

Cost, turnaround time and other immigration test info

For persons residing outside Australia, DNA sample collection will be carried out at an Australian embassy or consulate.  The DNA testing kit will be sent directly to the embassy or consulate. A date will then be set on which interested parties will need to go to the embassy to have their samples collected. Please note there may be an added charge set by the embassy or the sampler for the sample collection.

The cost of immigration DNA paternity test begins from $595 if all the participants are in Australia. . You should however be aware that the price may increase depending on how many people are being tested, the location of testing and the type of tests needed. Results by email will be sent 7 working days after having received samples at the laboratory.

There will be additional charges for courier fees when the participants are overseas. The kit will have to be couriered to and from the overseas location.

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