The DNA testing laboratory

The ISO 17025 accredited laboratory complies which tests your samples complies with strict standards throughout the whole testing procedure. This is done by the DNA testing laboratory to ensure the precision of your results. Laboratories are periodically inspected, normally bi-annually, and all proceedings closely scrutinized to check that testing procedures follow the very high standards set by the accrediting body.

International Standards Organization (ISO) is internationally recognized as a leading accreditation body. As a DNA testing company, the testing laboratory has specifically been awarded the ISO 17025 accreditation – this is the most important level of accreditation for laboratories performing this type of testing. Most people are today aware of what accreditations mean – they know that this is a guarantee of dependability. ISO is an external monitoring body and thus, acts objectively. It expects all accredited laboratories to consistently retain the necessary high standards.

Testing your samples

We will reiterate the fact that our results are highly accurate over and over. But here we shall give some figures and a briefing of just what we mean and the importance of having accredited DNA testing.

Any DNA paternity test you do will be based on a comparison of 21 genetic markers extracted from the DNA samples of the child and the father. These 21 markers will match if the father is the biological father of the child. In the case of inclusion of the mother we are able to establish a statistical probability of 99.999% inclusion in our results. DNA paternity tests can also be done without the mother’s sample and this will normally provide results in excess of 99.9%; however we usually suggest using the mother’s samples where available in order to strengthen the result. If the markers do not match then the alleged father is excluded with 100% accuracy.

We have provided you with more detailed information on how to interpret your result on the following page – Understanding your paternity test results.

Our guarantee

Our guarantee at homeDNAdirect is backed by the accreditation of the laboratory performing your DNA testing. This ensures that your results are accurate and reliable. However, apart from the science, we also operate a highly qualified customer service department which will assist you throughout the DNA testing experience. All this, together with our very competitive prices, is our guarantee to you that you will get an excellent service in what can be a very emotional and trying experience.

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