General information

It is important to understand that the legal paternity DNA test is different to a standard home paternity test which is only done for ‘peace of mind’ (purely done for informative reasons). There are a number of additional steps required in a legal test as well as certain steps which must be followed to collect the samples (this is what is known as the ‘chain of custody’ sample collection).

HomeDNADirect offers an International Verified Legal DNA Paternity Test that will be admissible in Court providded it is not required for Australian Immigration or there are no under-age children, born in Australia, involved in the testing.

Two options for legal testing

Depending on your requirements and personal situation, you can chose from one of the following legal tests:

  • The first option is our NATA accredited legal DNA test which is essential when under age children are involved in parentage testing. The NATA accredited legal test can be used for purposes such as family law court disputes, child maintenance issues, changing a child’s birth certificate and also for immigration purposes involving under age children. The majority of government departments in Australia require a DNA paternity test to be NATA accredited for it to be acceptable. Therefore, if you need your DNA test report to be submitted as a legal document or to a governmental department, then this would be the most suitable legal test offered at a discounted price of $550. To order your NATA accredited legal DNA test
    click here.
  • The second option is a verified legal DNA test. The sample collection process is slightly easier but adults participating in the test must still have their samples collected by an independent third party such as a doctor or a nurse (also referred to as chain-of-custody collection process). This test can be used when people want reassurance that samples being submitted are indeed from the correct people. During the sample collection process, identification must be presented alongside passport photos which will all be documented at sampling. The cost of the verified legal DNA test is $495. To order your verified legal DNA test click here.

The sample collection for your court admissible test

The test might include some additional costs for the doctor or nurse needed in the test; these costs are not covered in the quoted prices. Once you have placed your order, we will prepare your DNA kit and send it out to you within 2 working days.  The kit contains the mouth swabs required to obtain the DNA sample, a set of clear instructions on the procedure and the paperwork to be filled in.

Results will be sent to you by email within 5 to 7 working days. You will also receive a signed hard copy by postal mail about a week later.

In a legal test, it is essential that we know from whom the DNA samples taken come from. Thus, a doctor or qualified nurse (known in such cases as a sampler) will have to collect the DNA samples by rubbing the swab into the mouths of the parties doing the test. The sampler will make sure that each swab is free from contamination and placed in the right envelope, label them and then proceed to seal them and post them for testing at our laboratory.

Note that a legal DNA test can also be done for immigration purposes (see DNA testing for immigration purposes).

Identification for a legal DNA test

Identification is mandatory to the chain of custody. The whole process is done under strict supervision and samples have to be carefully sourced. Each of the people involved in the test will have to produce 2 passport photos clearly displaying a full, clear face. The photos will be used by the sampler, i.e. the doctor or nurse, in the following way:

  1. The sampler will need to authenticate the sample by using the photos and stating the following:
  2. Sampler’s name certify that this is a true likeness of … [person’s name]”
  3. The sampler will then sign the back of the photos and date them.

A form of identification, preferably with a photograph, will need to be presented by all participants in the test. One can opt for any of the following documents: passport, full driver’s license, National Identity Card with photo, Armed Forces ID card, Pass card issued by a Government Department or other photo ID. Certified copy of birth certificate for children tested.

You will need to provide a photocopy of the identification you use for the test; ensure you sign and date the back of the copy.

We have created a visual guide to make it easy to understand how to collect your DNA. Also note that legal DNA testing is available for both paternity DNA testing as well as relationship DNA tests. We will advise you depending on your specific case.

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