What will my Y chromosome test results show?

In a Y chromosome test we compare a set number of genetic markers on the Y chromosome of the tested parties. If the individuals tested actually are biological relatives, they will have the same Y chromosome profile.

Note that your test results will not specify how the tested males are related. This Means that the Y chromosome test will confirm whether or not the participants share the same paternal line, but will not specify the exact nature of relationship i.e whether two males are first cousins or uncle and nephew.  The specifics of your case and what you want to find out by means of this test will determine what the alleged relationship is or could be.

Testing the alleged father

In the case of brothers wishing to know whether they have the same father, a Y chromosome test is the next best option if testing the father in a paternity DNA test is not an option. A Y chromosome test, although very accurate, involves establishing paternity without actually testing the father. The strongest results would be achieved by testing the DNA from the alleged father and comparing this to that of his child.

You can request your Y chromosome test for just $589; this price includes the testing of two males with results ready in only 7-10 working days!

How do I use my sample collection kit?

Your sample collection kit is a home kit that makes it possible for you to conveniently collect samples at home. Kits contain 4 swabs for every test participant and are typically packed for 3 test participants. All you need to do to collect DNA is rub the swabs inside the mouth of test participants in order to collect cheek cells from what is referred to as the oral mucosa (the lining of the mouth).

We also include instructions, consent forms and a pre-addressed envelope for returning your samples to our Springwood office inside our kit.

Paternal lineage testing

Testing the Y chromosome offers a wonderful opportunity to investigate one’s paternal ancestry. If you want to discover more about your paternal ancestry and where your paternity ancestors came from, we suggest reading up about our paternal lineage test – one of our most exciting ancestry tests.