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Biogeographical Ancestry Test

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Begin to unravel your biological roots with our new Bio-geographical Ancestry test. This exciting DNA test will allow you to trace your lineage back thousands of years and link your genetic make-up to geographical regions as far down as to sub-population levels. Find out what lies hidden in your DNA. Or why not send an exceptionally unique gift to someone you care about? Please note that prepaid return postage is not included.



How does a DNA ancestry test work?

The DNA ancestry test is possible because of a simple fact: You share much more common DNA with your ancient predecessors than with your relatives a century or so back. When you first ancestors left Africa and migrated to explore and discover the vast world beyond them, their DNA started undergoing mutations. These mutations where passed on, generation after generation and have been inherited today, by you. Thanks to the genetic information we have of many different anthropological groups or haplogroups we can provide you with invaluable information about your ancestors. Our DNA ancestry test will confirm what percentage of your genome you share with the many anthropological groups or haplogroups of which genetic data we have in our database.

What is a maternal lineage test?

Maternal lineage testing: this is one of the two types of DNA ancestry tests that help reveal one’s lineage. The tests we offer give you the chance to delve into your ancient maternal ancestors. This test uses mitochondrial DNA, a special type of DNA that you inherited from your mother and which gets passed down generation after generation exclusively down a maternal line. This direct maternal line helps us trace your foremothers’ journey and confirm your maternal haplogroup affiliation. Click here for more information

What is a paternal lineage test?

Paternal lineage testing: Our paternal lineage test is done by analyzing the male Y chromosome. Any males sharing a direct male line will have the same Y STR profiles. Basing ourselves on your Y STR profile we can determine your paternal haplogroups designation. You will discover and retrace the migration paths of your fore bearers. Click here for more information.