Discover your biological roots

In our cells, we all carry the migrational journeys of our ancestors with us, stored in our DNA. With the ground-breaking advances in DNA sequencing technologies today, it is possible to reveal this information that is hidden inside each and every one of us.

By just using a simple buccal mouth swab sample, our Bio-geographical Ancestry test can trace back your lineage thousands of years and link your DNA to anthropological regions down to a sub-population level to discover your geo-cultural roots. Our test will give you a generalized portrait of your ancestry from a unique genetic point of view.

Our Bio-geographical Ancestry Test merges the fields of anthropology, genealogy and science to answer your questions about your ancestral history. The test examines over 160 carefully selected DNA markers (SNPs) based on leading scientific findings and has been optimised to handle very low amounts of DNA (>1ng), as well as degraded DNA.

Specially developed models and algorithms are used to compare your DNA sample to hundreds of studied populations worldwide to best map and decipher your bio-geographical origins.

<h2style=”text-align: justify;”>What will my Bio-geographical Ancestry Test show me?

The results will give you the most likely ancestral composition of your DNA from seven continental root populations and show whether your DNA is of predominantly one population or an admixture between several:


The test can also further resolve your results down to a sub-population level, by predicting the likelihood of your sample belonging to a particular population (the higher up in the list, the more likely):

Find out what lies hidden in your DNA. Begin your genetic journey back in time today by ordering your Bio-geographical Ancestry test for you and your family.

What kind of sample is required for testing?

All we need is a simple and painless mouth swab sample. DNA is then extracted from the cells collected from inside of the cheek.


Our home sample collection kit will be sent to you directly as soon as we have processed your payment.

Results will be available within 14-21 working days after receipt of specimen in our Brisbane laboratory and will be emailed to you as soon as they are available.