Performing a home paternity test is nowadays a simple, quick and cost-effective procedure. Thanks to modern advances in DNA analysis technology, modern laboratories are now able to provide their clients with highly accurate results at a relatively low cost. This is due to the fact that whereas previously it was necessary to collect a sample of blood usually taken by a doctor or directly at the laboratory, nowadays laboratories are able to carry out a paternity DNA test simply using a saliva sample. This means that the collection of DNA for the paternity test can now be carried out in the comfort of one’s own home, following a simple quick and painless procedure.

Home sampling kit

In the majority of cases, on ordering your DNA test, your testing company will send you what is called a home sampling kit by mail or by courier. The sampling kit will generally contain all that you require in order to collect the saliva samples required for your home paternity DNA test. Generally speaking inside the envelope you will find some cotton swabs for the collection of saliva, detailed instructions on the procedure involved in sample collection, consent forms to be filled in and signed, and a pre-addressed envelope for the re-sending of the samples to the laboratory.

Collecting your samples

Although the collection of saliva samples is a simple and painless procedure, it is important to follow the enclosed instructions carefully, particularly in order to avoid contaminating your samples. The saliva samples are collected by rubbing the cotton swabs against the insides of the mouth and tongue and then left to dry before re-sending the samples. Contamination of the samples may occur if you touch the tip of your oral swab with your fingers, or if it touches a contaminated surface when left to dry. It is also important to avoid eating or smoking for at least two hours before carrying out the test, as this may also contaminate the samples. Contamination of the samples may render them invalid and, as a consequence, the sampling process may have to be repeated.

Your results

Most testing companies today are able to have your results ready within a week from the date of their arrival at the laboratory, and results are frequently sent by e-mail as this is usually the quickest and most efficient way of delivering results. Your home paternity testing company may also give you the option of receiving your results by post.