DNA paternity testing is in high demand and even Hollywood stars are resorting to this test. The advances in the field of DNA testing means that results are highly accurate and thus, any doubts regarding issues of paternity can easily be dispelled scientifically.

 Mel Gibson to take paternity DNA test

The Australian-American actor, Mel Gibson, 54, has demanded that his Russian girlfriend takes a paternity DNA test when the child she claims Gibson is father of is born. As with all rich people, Mel is considerably concerned about his fortune being spent on child support for a child that may not be his. Moreover, he also has concerns of his fortune going to a fraudulent heir. In fact, Mel was exhorted by his 7 other children to do this paternity test once his alleged child is born.  Many friends of Mel’s claim that the couples’ relationship is based on love, however, for people like Mel, it may be always better to make sure. For the rich and famous there are many gold diggers waiting for a dig at their fortunes.

 Keanu Reeves does paternity DNA test

Keanu Reeves has also had to take a paternity DNA test back in 2009. Unlike Mel however, Reeves had a woman claim that one of her children was his. The woman, Karen Sala, 46, has four children and says that more than one of them could be Keanu’s.

Keanu rebuffs the Sala’s claims that the two where friends since childhood. The woman in question has made claims for child support payments which any child has legal right to from their biological father. Perhaps in the olden days, paternity issues such as these may have had to be proven on rather shaky grounds like the resemblance between father and child or testimonial of others declaring that the two people where in fact a couple. Luckily, for Keanu Reeves a paternity DNA test can easily solve the issue in a scientific manner that cannot be disproved.

Sala has asked for retroactive support payments amounting to something around $150,000 and a staggering $3m in spousal support payments which she says she has forfeited for all these years.
Keanu Reeves took the paternity DNA test without any need of external pressures from legal entities or the like. The paternity test proved negative and thus, Reeves was confirmed as definitely not being the father of the child.

DNA paternity testing is in high demand. Locating a company that will provide you with reliable results is important. When shopping around for DNA testing companies look out for their accreditations. A motherless DNA paternity test (motherless meaning done without the mother’s DNA samples) will give a rate of inclusion for paternity of 99.9% and the alleged father will be excluded as being the child’s biological father by 100%.

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