Teen idol Justin Bieber accepted to take a paternity test to prove that he should not be held responsible for fathering a child of a 20 year old woman. Doctors tested him for the paternity test by taking a swab sample from his mouth. Mariah Yeater, gave birth to a baby boy in July. She claimed that she and Bieber had met backstage after a concert in Los Angeles in October last year, where she engaged in sexual relations with Bieber, that left her pregnant.

Test for Paternity

A DNA paternity test is the analysis of genetic markers in order to establish whether or not the a given male is the actual father of the a child.

When is Paternity Testing done?

There may be different reasons why people would want to have a paternity test. Paternity issues can arise years after- a mother might suddenly turn up at somebody’s step making a paternity claim. The mother may want to prove who the actual biological father of the child is. In other instances, the father might suspect his wife of infidelity and might think the child is not theirs. In order to resolve doubts and suspicions DNA testing is done.

How to Collect DNA Samples

The collection of DNA sample is quite a simple process and the most common method of collecting a DNA samples is through the use of a buccal swab, from inside the cheek. The rubbing of the swab on the inside of the cheek collects saliva and exfoliated cheek cells – the latter being used for the actual paternity test.

Bieber, the Canadian singing star said that he was much upset with the fact that a false allegation was made against him. But, the 17 year old took it in his stride. He had taken up the challenge of the DNA testing to prove himself clean of any charges. It seemed she may not have really given birth to Bieber’s child especially when her X boyfriend came forward saying she had already told him she believed he was the father and not Bieber. She obviously could not conceal things forever as the test results would prove everything In case she is proved wrong then the consequences could be grave and she had to face criminal charges.

It seems that the world may never come to know about the results of Justin Bieber‘s DNA test depending on whether Yeater or Beiber decide to make the paternity test results public. Her lawyer said they were ready to bring the child for the test too. But, they are yet to collect Justin’s test result. This seems quite bizarre, as she was the woman who proclaimed to the world Justin was the father of Trystan, her three-month-old son.