Recently, Kourtney Kardashian has hit the celebrity news and gossip column as she has found herself in the middle of a paternity dispute and will thus, need to resort to a DNA paternity test to solve it. Steve Bing, not amongst the big names in the media, but definitely one with big money, has also been involved in paternity dispute with none other than the beautiful Brit Liz Hurley.

Mason Dash Disick, Kourtney Kardashian’s baby boy, is supposedly the son of Scott Disick. The Star of Keeping Up with the Kardashians and Kourtney and Chloe take Miami had hired model Michael Girgenti for a photo shoot about 9 months before baby Mason was born. There are two alleged fathers and both are making a claim on the child and are willing to take a paternity DNA test to answer the momentous question: who is the biological father of this child?

Elvis Presley also had a little paternity drama back in his days. A fan came along and claimed she had had his baby. Presley, “The King of Rock and Roll”, admitted to sleeping with the woman but unfortunately, since DNA testing did not exist, a paternity DNA test could not be used to establish the truth. Presley, nevertheless, decided to set up a multimillion dollar trust for his alleged child.

Steve Bing, 45, dated the British model and actress Liz Hurley. In 2001, the real estate developer with real assets made the headlines amongst the starts as Hurley found herself pregnant with a child she claimed was Bing’s. Bing went ahead with a law suit so as to have a paternity DNA test clarify the situation and when the paternity test showed an inclusion of paternity, Bing had no qualms about paying substantial child maintenance for his child.

Pervious to this but still in 2001, Bing was in court with billionaire Kirk Kerkorian. Bing believed that Kerkorian had hired someone to take his dental floss out of a bin. Why? Steve Bing had dated Kerkorian’s wife, Lisa Bonger. Lisa Bonger is a well-know tennis player but was in court with her billionaire husband, Kirk, over alimony payments for their child. However, Kerkorian, certain that the child was not his but rather Bings, wanted the situation amended and his suspicions confirmed. He needed a paternity DNA test and a sample of Bing’s DNA to do it. Dental floss would have possibly provided enough DNA to carry out the test. However, Bing, after having found out that dental floss was taken to conduct a paternity DNA test without him being aware, took the issue to court as he felt it was in breach of his privacy. The conclusion to this paternity dispute was that Bing was in fact the biological father of the child and thus, all legal responsibilities and rights were accorded to him.

In certain countries like Britain, there are certain laws governing how a human tissue is used.  The Human Tissue Act, applying throughout the UK, does not allow anyone to take DNA samples from someone else without their explicit consent.

Paternity DNA tests are now widely available and offered at very competitive prices. They commonly no longer require being done in expensive clinics or using medical blood draws. Most celebrities and non-celebrities alike opt for the use of a simple mouth swab to conclude the DNA paternity test. A paternity DNA test will show an exclusion of no less than 100% and inclusion rate of around 99.9% or higher.