According to reports published, the proverbial stork will soon be paying a visit to the King of Bollywood, Shah Khan (SRK) and wife Gauri in July, where the baby will be delivered in Jaslok Hospital, according to reports, under the supervision of Dr Feroza Parikh – they already have two elder children, Aryan their 15-year-old son and Suhana who is their 13-year-old daughter.  Reports have claimed that they wanted to have their third child through surrogacy – this popular couple who reside in the heart of the entertainment hub of Mumbai, have yet to confirm they are expecting.

It seems that surrogacy seems to be the latest trend with Bollywood and Hollywood as more and more couples are deciding to choose surrogacy – which is a blessing in disguise for couples who cannot have children the natural way.

 A Complete NoNo

An investigation has been launched owing to reports that SRK and wife Gauri know they are having a boy – and in a country where pre-natal sex tests are a complete no no – this has caused quite a stir, to say the least. Tests to forecast baby gender like the ultrasound were banned in 1996, mainly to stop the practice of female foetuses being aborted…sons are preferred. Why? Because male heirs are believed to be the main breadwinners, as well as family leaders.

When the Indian Radiological and Imaging Association (IRIA) noted the reports they immediately wrote to the Health Ministry and demanded an investigation. Dr Jignesh Thakkar quoted: ‘’we want to know the truth, and if it is true how (the gender) came out and who told it – whoever is responsible must be punished.’’

The king of Bollywood was not at home when municipal authorities tried to question him – King Khan who is 47 is a very popular actor in the Indian film industry. He has approximately 75 Hindi feature films under his belt, including loads of box-office hits – he also hosted a season of the Hindi version of ‘’Who wants to be a Millionaire?’’ He also topped the first Forbes India Celebrity 100 list earlier this year with the estimated annual earnings of $37.7m. A brand new movie, Chennai Express is about to be released, where he holds the starring role – so promotions are going at full speed ahead…oops! Not such a good time for SRK to surround himself with such goings on…

In 2011 a census in India showed that the country had 914 girls for every 1,000 boys under the age of 6, this was mainly attributed to sex-selective abortions – despite to the ban on prenatal gender testing.

…On the subject of India

According to DNA analysis, it has been established that the Duke of Cambridge has Indian ancestry. It all started, apparently in 1812 when Eliza Kewark, who at the time lived in Surat, a state of Gujarat, gave birth to Prince William’s great, great, great, great grandmother, namely Katherine Scott Forbes.