Here are some of the most common paternity testing myths. There are many more which could be tackled as people still have several misconceptions.

Paternity testing must be done at a specialized clinic

Nowadays you do not need to go to any clinic to get a paternity test. You can opt for the extremely diffused home paternity DNA test kit. The company you select will send you a home DNA test kit. Inside the DNA sampling kit you find everything you need to collect DNA samples. You do not need to be a rocket scientist to collect a DNA sample. It is, in fact, so quick and simple that people often wonder if it is even feasible. Using sterile mouth swabs which are rubbed inside the mouth is the method used for collecting samples. It is approved by scientists and analysts as being the best method and simple enough for me and you to use.

Paternity Testing is a lengthy process

Generally, this is far from the truth. Paternity testing actually takes a short time. Once you have sent your DNA samples for analysis you can expect to get your results in just 5-7 working days. Also, many companies offer an express paternity testing service which means your results are ready and available in just  4 working days. Ultimately, the time frame from when you order your test till the results it very short. However, this also depends on who long it takes for the DNA samples to be sent by the client back to the lab and sometimes considerations in postal delays may also be necessary.

DNA Paternity testing can be used in court

This is true. Paternity test results can be used in court. However, you need to watch out for which paternity test you choose. You can do either a legal paternity test or a peace of mind/ at home paternity test. In terms of laboratory analysis and methodology and the result itself there is no difference between the two tests. What changes is the method in which the samples are collected. Again, they are both the same in that sterile oral swabs are used. But with a legal paternity test, you do not collect samples yourself, you get a professional to do it and certify that the people from which the DNA samples have been taken. Since there is a considerable difference in cost, unless you are sure you need court admissible results, the added costs of the legal paternity testing are not worth it. Do an at home DNA test!!