How do I collect my DNA samples?”Well it may sound complex and tedious but people are often amazed at how easy it is to collect DNA for a test, whether it be a paternity test or any other type of DNA test.

If all parties are willing to be tested

Well this is the simplest scenario. If all parties are willing to be tested you can just do everything via the use of a DNA kit. The kit is sent to your home (hence, referred to as an at home paternity test) and inside it you have the necessary to collect your DNA. You will be expected to collect DNA with mouth swabs. Swabs are provided in the kit- these are sterile and all they require is being rubbed in the mouth, ideally against the cheeks and under the tongue.

There are a few basic steps/ guidelines to follow which include not smoking or drinking before you take your DNA samples. Once you have done the entire sample collecting, you can just post samples off to the lab. It is all so simply to do but whether it is a relationship DNA test, an immigration test or even a paternity test for legal purposes, swabs are used for the sample collection.

How do I collect my Samples? Not everyone is available for the test

It is not uncommon to require a DNA sample from someone but for some reason or another, that person is not available for the test. In such cases, you may wish to submit another DNA samples belonging to that person- perhaps hair you have from a deceased father or maybe some nail clippings. You need to fully consult the DNA testing company before sending in samples so that they can advise you about “how to collect DNA samples