Am I the father? Australia has seen a large increase in the number of home paternal verification tests. This is due, mainly, to the fact that it is now cheaper, simpler and more accurate than ever before to do a home paternity test.

DNA technology has advanced to such a level that one can now order a home testing kit online, or by phone, take the DNA samples at home, and return them for testing. This is all done with speed, privacy and discretion, providing you with an accurate DNA test result in days.

How Simple is it to do a Home Paternity Test?

The success of the home paternity test lies in its simplicity. Once you have selected a DNA testing company to work with, you will be sent a sample collection kit; this is simply a set of surgical swabs, with which you collect the necessary DNA samples. A surgical swab is a cotton bud shaped article, which you rub on the inside cheek of the mouth to collect cheek cells. This process is repeated twice per person, the swabs then being left to dry. At this point it is vitally important that the swabs do not come into contact with any other object. After a few minutes they may be placed in the respective envelopes together with the corresponding paperwork, and returned to the testing company.

Is Paternity with a DNA test?

Paternity analysis in Australia will render a result that is up to 99.999% accurate. Although most testing companies will tell you a mothers sample is not necessary to provide a result, it is recommended that you do, as her sample will further strengthen the result of the test. Some companies will include a mother’s sample free of charge, so be sure to shop around. The most important factor, however, in the success and accuracy of your test lies in the way you collect your DNA samples. Be careful of cross contamination and keep samples with the correct paperwork.

Confirm paternity with a DNA test

The popularity of paternity and DNA testing lies in the fact that it is now so accessible to people. Doubts over a child’s paternity can be very hurtful to a family long term, and the ease and speed of home paternity tests mean that no parent or family has to live with doubt anymore. Often referred to as “peace of mind tests”, for a reasonable fee, in privacy and home comfort, a person can now get accurate scientific confirmation of a child’s true paternity.

Is a Home Paternity Test different to a Legal Paternity test?

The only difference between the two tests lies in the way in which the DNA samples are collected. Both tests will render the same, accurate result, however only the result of the legal paternity test can be used in a court of law. The reason for this is that for a paternity analysis to be court admissible in Australia, the sample must be collected by a professional third party, preferably a registered medic, who will assume all responsibility for collecting and sending the samples to the relevant people. They must bear witness to the authenticity of these samples for the paternal verification test to carry any legal weight in Australia’s courts of law.