There is no single figure or number that can be given to answer the question: how much does a paternity test cost? Prices tend to vary somewhat, from company to company and you need to have a bit of a shop around till you find one of the better companies to do your DNA paternity test or whichever type of DNA test you may need.

Approximately the cost of a paternity test in Australia is somewhere in the range of 250-300 AUD $. You can find much lower or much high prices but it depends, amongst other things, on which test you are looking at.

Do you need a home paternity test or a legal paternity test?

The cost of a home paternity test is much lower than that of a legal paternity test. A home paternity test is basically done for your peace of mind- because you are responsible for the simple task of taking your own samples, the price of a home paternity test is lower. Essentially what you should note is that in terms of laboratory testing, the analysis of the DNA follows exactly the same procedure. In terms of sample collection, you will receive the home DNA kit; in it you find oral swabs and all you do is rub these inside the mouth to have your DNA sample.

What is the cost of a legal paternity test?

The legal paternity test is more expensive. This is because you will not be taking samples yourself. You will still receive a DNA test kit, but you will need to take this to someone to collect the DNA samples instead of you. Normally, a doctor or lawyer can do this for you at a small added cost. Why do you need to go to someone to take the sample? Well it is to make sure that nobody cheats in the test and that the people taking part are really the people who are required to submit DNA samples.

The cost of a legal paternity test is somewhere in the region of AUD$ 550-650. Remember, you will have to pay for the third party person to take your samples, and in both the legal and at-home test you need to pay the postage price to send your DNA samples back for lab analysis

As we have seen, in a few words, answering the question How Much does a paternity test cost? depends on a number of factors.