More and men are finding out that they are not the biological father of a child that they thought was theirs. Many companies now offer paternity testing in Australia. This test has come to the rescue in many cases where a father needs a conclusive and definitive answers as to whether his doubts regarding the issue of paternity are founded or not.

Men’s group in Australia are trying to get the government to implement a law whereby all fathers take a paternity test to verify whether they are bringing up and maintaining their real children and to solve parentage issues as early as possible.

Statistics are difficult to get hold of when it comes to paternity and the delicate nature of the issue means that having exact data is a challenge but however one looks at it, the results consistently show a high number of children are not the children of the man they call daddy. Analogously, the same applies for the numbers of fathers who are raising children that they think are theirs but are actually children of another man. Many men are for these reasons seeking the aid of paternity tests which are nowadays selling like hot cakes.

Thousands of men in Australia (and all over the globe) are buying home paternity tests and carrying out the test in marriage or even when simply in long term relationships. The paternal test can be done at home and without the knowledge of the mother or partner. DNA is sampled by rubbing mouth swabs inside the mouth- the swabs are usually provided by the company providing the test. Once the DNA has been collected the swabs can be sent back for analysis and the results will tell you whether you are or are not the father.

How many fathers have been dishing out thousands to the Child Support Agency (CSA) for children they think are theirs? How fair is this on the children and on the fathers? The emotional and financial consequences are huge and thus, a law protecting this from happening may indeed alleviate the matter. Under Australian law, the father that is registered on the birth certificate is considered the father of the child and this will suffice as proof of paternity.

Getting a paternity test means you may directly be questioning the fidelity of your spouse and this can have a very negative effect on a relationship between a couple. Although to some having mandatory paternity testing in Australia may be a good idea so as to have definitive parentage and no unpleasant surprises later in life, it can clearly have an negative impact on relationships-