Many companies offer paternity testing in New Zealand. DNA paternity testing is the most scientific method for confirming or disproving paternity. A paternity test will show with a percentage of 99.9% or higher if the tested putative father is the biological father if the child. If the tested father is not the biological father of the child, the results will show a probability of paternity of 0%.

The most convenient way of ordering your test is by finding an online based company offering paternity testing in New Zealand. Ensure they have a local address as this means you get to do things “locally”. Using an oral swab rubbed inside the mouth is enough to collect a DNA sample A kit is typically sent to the interested party containing all the necessary swabs and instructions on how to collect your samples. Nowadays, people no longer use blood for these types of tests. Using saliva collected with an oral swab is painless and simple. Home test Kits can be sent anywhere in New Zealand and the test can be organized even when test participants live in different countries

In some cases, you might need a DNA test for legal purposes, for example, if the paternity test is requested by the family court – in this case, you will not collect your own samples but there will be a third party person appointed who will need to look after the sampling. There will also be some added paper work and you will be required to take some form of identification with you. There are many companies offering paternity testing online so you need to look out for some issues which will help you choose the right company. Make sure the company you use has ISO accreditation. Bigger, multinational companies are probable more reliable as can be proved by the international marketing and sales.