Nowadays, most paternity tests can be carried out in the convenience of the home environment, using a DNA Sampling Kit. Traditionally, collecting a DNA sample in order to carry out a DNA test involved time- consuming and laborious procedures, such as the collection of blood samples and the collection of samples from a clinic. Thanks to modern-day technology the majority of DNA tests can now be carried out using samples of saliva that can be collected using cotton tipped swabs in the comfort and confidentiality of your own home. This has made genetic testing more accessible to the general public, and it is now possible to order your genetic test online.

What is in the kit

On placing your order, your testing company will send you a complete kit containing everything that is necessary for DNA sample collection. Frequently this will include the swabs for saliva collection, consent forms, detailed instructions and an envelope for re-sending your samples to the laboratory. The sampling kit is generally sent to you by post; however certain companies offer a courier service in cases where the test results are needed urgently.

 Confidentiality issues

Due to the sensitive nature of such cases, many people are concerned about the confidentiality of their transaction. Many people are concerned that the neighbours or the postman will see the company’s logo on the envelope, especially if they live in a close knit community. At times people might not wish to divulge to members of their own family the fact that they are carrying out a DNA test of some kind.  In these cases it is important to check with the testing company whether the sampling kit will be sent in an anonymous envelope.

Follow the instructions

Finally, it is very important that the sampling kits be accompanied by detailed instructions on how to collect the DNA samples required to carry out a particular test. Although the procedure in itself is usually quite simple and straightforward, many people will tend to feel unsure as to how to proceed, especially in cases where it is the first time that they carry out a DNA test. In addition, it is very important that the samples be collected in the proper manner in order to avoid contamination of the samples, as this will render the samples unusable and the whole process will have to be repeated. Therefore it is important to check with the testing company of your choice that detailed instructions are included in the DNA sampling kit, some companies will also include visual materials such as DVD’s.