Pregnancy is an exhilarating time for the prospective mother. It is a time when preparations for the baby’s arrival – from clothes and toiletries to the room designation and décor- are made. Most mothers, especially those who are very methodological and systematic, need everything prepared before the arrival of their bundle of joy. In order for them to accomplish that, they would want to know the sex of their baby in order to purchase the relevant baby items and to decorate their future room accordingly.

The following article will tackle topics on one of the methods of determining a baby’s sex: the Drano Method contains pointers on how to carry out the Drano test as well as the analysis of the results.

Out of the numerous methods to determine the baby’s sex, the Drano test for baby gender, is a tried and tested one that has endured for years. As the name implies, it makes use of Drano, a cleaning product made by S.C. Johnson & Son. The Drano is a crystal containing sodium chloride (salt), sodium nitrate, sodium hydroxide (lye) and aluminium. Though using the Drano test has no scientific basis it has still made a name for itself as a reliable way of determining a baby’s gender.

The Drano test is advised to be carried out no earlier than the 4th month of pregnancy (at least 16 weeks gestation) and should be performed in an open space with ventilation, since the method involves fumes which can be toxic.

The Drano test requires the following materials

  • 2 tablespoons of crystal Drano
  • Medium-sized glass jars (preferably one which you will not use any more)
  • 2-3 ounces of urine acquired first thing in the morning

These are the steps on how to carry out the test

  • The test is best carried out outside where there is ample ventilation thus avoiding inhalation of the fumes that will be produced by the mixture
  • The mother needs to acquire a sample of her urine taken first thing in the morning
  • Add this urine sample (2-3 ounces) to the glass jar containing 2 tablespoons of Drano crystals, making sure that neither  comes into contact with bare skin
  • Stay at a safe distance from the mixture as it  produces fumes that could be toxic
  • Observe the resulting colour of the mixture as soon as the chemical reaction stops
  • Dispose of the mixture and the jar properly


  • Browning of the mixture within 10 seconds of reaction: the baby is a boy
  • No colour change after 15 seconds: the baby is a girl

Baby gender testing – the scientific way

Baby gender testing can only be accurate if you carry out DNA testing. Baby gender testing is the most accurate way of confirming whether you are carrying a girl or a boy. Click here for our baby gender test.