Dominique Strauss Kahn; the defense has requested the results of DNA tests. The managing director of IMF (International Monetary Fund), Dominique Strauss Kahn, is facing trial after being accused of the alleged rape of a waitress in a hotel in New York. Several DNA tests were carried out on the scratches and other marks found on the victim and Strauss Kahn.

The trial held in the Manhattan Criminal Court, with DSK  (as he is sometimes referred to) age 62, appearing in handcuffs and escorted by the police. The International Monetary Fund, IMF, which Kahn was the managing director, is in a difficult situation because of this problem – a very unfortunate situation because the IMF is to address the chronic crisis of the euro which seeks to prevent a relapse into depression that could make the euro collapse.

In addition to this, Strauss Kahn, the French Socialist Party representative, was a clear favorite for the next elections in 2012, now leaving a political vacuum that could lead to serious consequences. After this, another victim, Tristane Banon, has filed charges claiming to have been attacked 8 years ago by the IMF’s managing director during her visit to his residence for an interview.

Strauss Kahn was arrested on the plane just before takeoff by officials. He was sitting in his first class seat on Air France to Paris. Later, Strauss Kahn was identified by the victim in a lineup with 5 other men.

DNA tests will be used as a key for the determining whether the alleged violation took place. Samples were taken from the room that was occupied by Strauss Kahn, bath, bed and other areas where forensic experts can find DNA evidence that could support the rape case against Strauss Khan. The scratches found on the body of Strauss Kahn also undergo DNA testing.

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