homeDNAdirect Australia specialises in providing accurate and reliable DNA paternity tests. The company has over 7 years of experience in the field of DNA testing. We are proud to have come this far and will continue striving to offer the best possible service throughout Australia. One of the main test homeDNAdirect specializes in is the DNA paternity test.

homeDNAdirect offers accredited paternity testing in Australia. Our portfolio of tests includes various relationship tests and infidelity testing using various DNA samples which might include hair DNA testing or blood DNA testing. All tests are carried out in accredited laboratories which follow the strictest and most scientific procedures which are constantly being revised and updated. The main accrediting body which is internationally recognized is ISO 17025; this is specifically designated to laboratories carrying out just these kinds of tests.

HomeDNAdirect Australia has offices in Longanholme, Queensland and Chatswood, New South Wales. The location and efficiency of our offices means that we are able to provide our DNA testing kits anywhere in Australia including MelbournePerthAdelaideBrisbaneCanberra and Sydney. Kits contain everything you need to do your test.

Using a DNA home-kit means being able to collect samples in the comfort of your own home and then just sending off the DNA samples you yourself collected for laboratory testing. DNA samples are collected using mouth swabs. Your paternity test results with homeDNAdirect Australia will be ready in just 5-7 working days. To make life easier and shorten turnaround times it is also possible to select the express testing option for most tests; in fact with express you can have them in just 2 working days. If you want to know more about the paternity report why not visit sample paternity test results.

It is possible to carry out ancestry DNA testing, MtDNA tests and DNA tests using tiny, old, perhaps even degraded DNA samples. The  paternity DNA test is in big demand across the continent but people are also becoming more aware of the diverse number of DNA tests available.