International DNA Paternity Testing company homeDNAdirect has expanded its operations in Europe and launched its DNA testing services in a number of European countries.

Auckland, New Zealand– September 09, 2009 – homeDNAdirect, an international DNA testing service provider, has expanded its services in a number of European countries with presence in the UK, Ireland, Italy, and Belgium and Spain. The company has announced it is offering a complete range of DNA testing services including DNA Paternity Testing for personal and legal purposes, DNA testing for immigration as well as advanced DNA Forensic testing services.

To assist in the expansion, the company has launched a series of websites in various languages to cater for the various markets it is targeting, including its Spanish website: Moreover, homeDNAdirect has compounded its presence further by establishing local offices which will help mediate sales. A Sales and Marketing executive, Christina Palmer points out that “homeDNAdirect offers DNA testing online. Our websites are comprehensive, user-friendly and appealing both from a visual perspective and from a navigation perspective. Clients will find all the necessary information on the DNA test they require and can proceed to order directly online through the website and in the currency of their own country”. Following this, she further notes that homeDNAdirect clients that have additional questions can call directly by requesting call backs from the company and can discuss their test in their mother tongue. An experienced customer service team is available to assist the client through the whole process.

Commenting on the expansion, officials at homeDNAdirect stated that it was the intention of the company to persevere with this strategy and establish its presence in many more countries in Europe with Eastern Europe being part of the next expansion region. Apart from DNA paternity testing and other DNA relationship tests, it also plans to roll-out a new and innovative set of DNA tests in the near future. About this last point, Christina Palmer says “We have recently introduced two new DNA tests are a real breakthrough in the field of DNA testing. We have launched a non invasive prenatal test with maternal blood samples as well as a gender prediction test with urine samples. In the markets in which we have launched these two tests, they have proved a huge success. The non invasive paternity test especially enables clients to carry out paternity testing in the prenatal stage with a 0% risk”

Clients that require more information can visit the homeDNAdirect website or alternatively they can contact any of the company’s offices worldwide. homeDNAdirect. is an international company providing reliable, accurate and confidential DNA testing and paternity testing to both the private and public sector through its network of offices all over the world. All paternity testing is performed by an ISO 17025 accredited laboratory.

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