How do twins come about?

Identical twins are conceived when a single sperm cell fertilizes a single ovum and the egg then splits into 2, forming 2 separate embryos which are genetically carbon copies of each other. Non Identical twins result when two ova are fertilized independently by 2 independent sperm cells forming 2 embryos with different genetic makeups. Our twin DNA test can confirm whether the DNA profiles of the test participants are identical (proving they are identical twins) or whether their DNA profiles are different (proving they are non-identical twins).

Collecting your samples?

Our home kit will enable you to collect DNA samples using simple to use oral swabs. Our home sample collection kit will contain the 4 swabs required for every test participant. This is a self-sampling kit which means you can collect the samples yourself following the instructions inside the kit.

Once you have collected mouth swabs samples, you will then return the swabs for laboratory analysis.

In what ways is a twin DNA test useful?

  • Because looking at resemblance and the physical characteristics between twins is not always a clear way of knowing if twins are monozygotic or dizygotic. There are many cases of identical twins that looks nothing like each other.
  • Identical twins will have the same blood groups; they can donate blood to each other or even organs.
  • Twins can donate organs to each other and will not require the use of immunosuppressant drugs. The body of the twin receiving the organ from the other twin will not perceive it as foreign and there is very little chance of organ rejection.

The cost of our Twin DNA test for 2 people is $399. Multiple siblings can be added to the test at an extra cost.

Other types of testing between siblings

Twin DNA testing is just one of the many tests we offer that can be carried out between siblings. We offer Y chromosome testing which can establish if brothers share the same paternal line and X chromosome testing between sisters who wish to know if they share the same father.