Getting your diet right

When you think about dieting your first thought is probably a low calorie eating plan and exercise. What if it was much more than that? Well the fact of the matter is that diet and exercise are of course good for you, but your DNA actually plays a huge role in how your body handles such activities and how your body reacts to certain foods and diets. All we need is a mouth swab sample to give you a detailed report which you can use to map the ideal diet and optimize food intake.

View a sample result by clicking the below image:

Everyone wants to see results when they eat right and work out. Some of the most popular questions this test answers include:

  • How To Exercise – everyone’s body is different. Athletic performance is largely influenced by training, coaching, diet and nutrition. Find out how you can switch, change or fine tune your routine for better results.
  • What To Eat – do you eat super healthy and still not see results? Well your DNA plays a big role in how your body handles certain types of foods. The Diet and Nutrition DNA Test will help you find the perfect foods for a healthier diet – based on science.
  • Food reactions – have you ever wondered why you love certain foods and despise others? Knowing how your body reacts to certain foods is good for your health and can help with your diet.
  • Eating Behaviours – if you know how your body operates you can do certain things to curb those late night sweet tooth cravings; whether you love or hate certain foods is often down to your genes. This DNA test is a crucial tool to tweaking your diet in a practical and beneficial way.

Results are ready in 6 weeks from the moment we receive your samples.

How does it work?

You have just had a glimpse into what results you can get from the Diet and Nutrition DNA Test, but you still might be asking yourself how it works. Well the test is simple and takes just a few minutes:

Order the test and wait for your kit to arrive in the mail. Your kit will contain 2 mouth swabs. Gently swab the inside of your cheek for 30 seconds and allow them to air dry.

Once the test swabs have dried out put them in the DNA swab envelopes included with your test kit. Next, just place the swabs in our pre-addressed envelope and return them for testing in the laboratory.