Who can use this test?

The dog poop test can be used by administrative units responsible for law enforcement, local councils, associations for condos or blocks of apartments and houses that share common areas in which residents often find dog mess but are unable to find out who the irresponsible dog owner is.

Sanitary concerns with dog faeces

It is not just the smell or the unsightliness – animal waste can be harmful to humans and other animals, it is not good for lawns and is considered an environmental pollutant. Animal poop is laden with bacteria – 1 gram contains a staggering 23 million faecal coliform bacteria which can cause all kinds of health problems ranging from cramps to kidney disorders! Dog faeces are also one of the most common carriers of parasites such as tapeworms.

If dog mess has become a cause of concern in your neighbourhood, it might be time to take action with our dog poo DNA testing.

Laws and regulations

If you are a dog owner, you have a legal duty to clean up every time your dog messes in a public place – the only exception is for the blind that are not expected, by law, to clean up after their dogs.

Then issue has become such a concern that laws across the world have been implemented to try to curb this health hazard by making it illegal for dog owners not to clean up after their dogs.

  • In Scotland there is the The Dog Fouling Act 2003.
  • In the UK, there is the Clean Neighbourhoods and Environment Act 2005.

In the USA, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has labelled it as a pollutant and placed it into the same category as pesticides and herbicides.

Dog poop DNA testing: Collecting the samples

All dog owners need to submit a DNA sample taken from their dog. homeDNAdirect will provide the number of sample collection kits required. The samples can be collected by the dog owners themselves using the mouth swabs provided inside the kit. Alternatively, a collection centre can be set up by the entity interested. The sampling procedure is painless and will cause no distress to the animal in question. All the dog owners need to do is rub the swabs inside the mouth for a few seconds and then allow the swabs to dry. Prior to swabbing, dogs should not eat any food, drink from bowls that are shared with other dogs or play with any toys shared with other dogs. Dog DNA profiles extracted from the mouth swab samples will be registered in a patented DNA World Pet Registry. If any offending dog mess is found, a sample can be collected in a special container containing a stabiliser and compared to all the dog samples in the database to look for a match.

Dog owners who submit a sample will be handed a tag in order to prove that their dog has been registered (dog owners could be stopped and asked to show this tag).

Put an end to all this with a dog poo DNA test and find the owner responsible for this anti-social behaviour.

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